News 1251 – (Mounts)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Vaitya

There has recently been a rising popularity with stealing the lizard mounts from other players. This will no longer be tolerated. From this point on it will be considered a general abuse of a bug in the game. The mounts should be ridable only by their tamers and no-one else. Furthermore, taming and "giving" away a lizard mount to someone is no longer acceptable either, as this would also be considered an abuse of a general bug in the mount system. To sum up this post, stealing or giving away of someones lizard mounts is no longer acceptable. At some point in ths future this code will be altered to make this a non-issue, but for now the punishments will be the following. First offence - loss of 3 levels Second offence - loss of 5 levels Third offence - deletion of character

PS - if your character already has a lizard mount and should not, please notify an imp ASAP and it will be exchanged for a proper mount for the race of your character. This means that this rule is not retro-active, so please be forthcoming and everything will go smoothly. Thanks for your co-operation. Vaitya