News 1274 – (Dol-Guldur FAQ.)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Orendil

  1. LAYOUT: DG is divided into six areas which branch off from the communal Great Halls and Kitchens: (1) Gatehouse and Stables (2)Troll Warrens (3) Uruk and Orc Halls (4) Forge and Mines (5) Human Halls and Upper Levels (6) Sewers.
  2. GUILDMASTER Message 1289 : Mon Sep 22 (Ornendil) :: South Mirkwood FAQ.

South Mirkwood FAQ

  1. South Mirkwood is very dense and you will find riding through some areas impossible. There are many dark and evil creatures with few dietary preferences. As a rule if your little stick to the paths.
  2. The further south you go the more mixed, with respect to strength and power the inhabitants are. Orcs and Uruks also become more common.
  3. Uruk and Orc bandits exist that are not friendly to other uruk and orcs that venture from Dol-Guldur.
  4. South Mirkwood is divided into three 'strips' each is dominated by a central path. (1) The western most strip consists of light forest and plains and contains the woodsman settlement of Tawarost. The East Anduin Road runs from north to south through the plains with a small chalken path linking Tawarost to Osterin. (2) The eastern portion contains the straightest and easiest to travel pathway (Mor Erlond). This path connects with the SE portions of Mirkwood and eventually arrives at the crossroads for the Dale, Southern and Old Forest Roads. This portion of the path contains the majority of the experience opportunities. However forces of good should be vigilant as there are several encampments and structures inhabited by orcs and the more powerful uruk-hai warriors.

(3) The central portion contains the most dense and difficult to navigate terrain. Many areas cannot be ridden through. The Shaded Warpath takes a very tortuous route through the area. In the centre of the path dominating the area is the small fort of Osterin. Osterin can be a painful barrier as it is sometimes difficult to pass through or around, especially if inhabited by a hostile force. Nevertheless it is possible to wade the river in order to get around the fortress. It is best approached from the west or from the south.