News 1334 – (Lhuth/Uruk-Hai/Orc Interaction)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Felagund

It seems that things have been "confused" of late. Let me clarify on what is and is not appropriate behaviour between lhuths and darkies. Acceptable Behaviour: When a member or members of the Free Peoples enters the PK Area, it is acceptable for Lhuth and Hai/Orc to temporarily stop fighting to fight the common and more hated enemy: the Whities. After the whitie is killed and/or leaves, cooperation is no longer legal. Let me also clarify what cooperation means: Cooperating simply means you have the -choice- not to attack and kill eachother, but instead to focus on a common target. This does -not- include grouping of any kind, any form of following, any equipment trading/exchange, or the casting of favorable spells. Cooperation does include communication, though not sitting in the same room and 'chatting it up'. Yells are acceptable, since you do not know if the enemy is attempting to lie to you or not. The following is entirely inappropriate behaviour: Grouping of any kind, cooperation when no whities are present, conversation in the same room without fighting, casting of helpful spells, dropping/giving/exchanging equipment of any kind, assisting in the killing of a mob or completion of a quest. I hope this clarifies the issue, and those found guilty of ignoring these rules will be punished.

I will close with a line from HELP RACEWAR: If you are to come accross a member of the opposite race you have two choices: Kill or be Killed. There is no mercy.

-Felagund Finrod