News 1413 – (Balance Restored)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Felagund

As many may have noticed, certain code changes a short while back have caused a variety of the weapons in the game to become minorly or severely unbalanced. Thanks to the extensive work of Azriya, balance and order have now been restored. Many weapons of exceptional and especially legendary quality have seen changes, and I am pleased to say much of these were improvements. Additionally, some non-weapon legendary items have been made to correspond in power more with their difficulty to obtain. A brief, intentionally vague summary of only some of the changes is as follows:

  • Some of Kabaal's weapons may have new appearances
  • Many of the more damaging weapons should see improvement
  • The staves used by the magical creatures of Arda have undergone some changes
  • Many hard-to-obtain items have received improvements in their quality, specifically those of Goblin Gate, but others as well

Again, many thanks go to Azriya for his dedication and effort, as well as Vakaur for facilitating the implementation. Any items which do not automatically update can be traded in for new versions (please mudmail or ask myself or Azriya to inquire as to which items these may be). Since weapons have been severely unbalanced for the past few weeks, I hope everyone enjoys.

-Felagund Finrod