News 1441 – (Changes in the South)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Azriya

An irritated sigh escaped the figure as he peered out to the north. The constant stream of troops from northern mirkwood he had expected had not ever materialized. His envoys had been sent north with large money pouches to bring the forces south, here to the ancient fortress of Dol-Guldur. Of course the Magus could not be swayed, but the rest of the evil residing in the mountains and near the Old Forest Road had promised to send their troops. The tall figure began pacing his watch, thinking aloud. Perhaps the reason the troops did not make it to Dol Guldur was as simple as the road. The last time he had travelled it, the snaking path was difficult to follow. He had made a decision. His existing troops would be sent to rebuild the Warpath. 5,000 orcish axes would make a swath plenty wide for the troops to come south on. He rested his gauntleted hands together and gave the order for the work to begin. Soon, his army would be complete.