News 1451 – (Movement in the South)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Azriya

Long had the old man fought to keep his small settlement safe from the nearby lurking evil of Dol Guldur. Training his people how to react to raids had likely been the reason the small outpost of the free peoples had stood this long. His scouts had reported more numerous orc raiding parties travelling the Warpath to the east, and this was reason for concern. John the chieftain asked for help from an old friend, the chief of a village buried deep in the mountains of Mirkwood. Baranor was a great friend, but he lacked the resources to help John as he wanted. He sent two of his young soldiers to help the small town of Tawarost survive, wishing he could send more. Baranor then sent word to Thranduil, whom he had kept in touch with for years. Thranduil was in similar straits to Baranor, and could not send much help if any. He did send a scouting party to southern mirkwood, to find out the truth about the growing orcish activity. The last word from the scouts was that they had discovered a seemingly new breed of plant, which healed the good people around it. They stopped their trek for a time to investigate the hidden valley this plant lived in.

OOC: Tawarost defense increased slightly. Elves spotted in a hidden vale containing a healing plant.

Azriya, the Cleansing Wind