News 1453 – (Fly, You Fools!)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Elagor

A solemn monk sits at a grand desk, writing vigorously. Ink splatters across the pages, sweat drips from his long, curved nose, and the scratching of the pen echoes through the room. The silence is broken. The door flies open and a new stranger enters, "Dmitriy, we've located him," the stranger blurts upon entering. Dmitriy hears a small squeak coming from behidn the stranger, it is a small woman cloaked in simple garments. Dmitriy rises slowly from his seat and approaches the woman, embracing her softly. He looks upon her face, stained from tears, and she buries her face into his chest, weeping loudly. The stranger grabs Dmitriy's shoulder with a firm grasp ripping his attention away from the anguished woman, and back into reality. The stranger speaks, "We followed him, he was moving south toward the fortresswith his disgusting doorkeeper following closely behind." Dmitriy breaks his silence, "What stopped him Khusid?" spoke Dmitriy with a hollow, hoarse voice. "He was attacked by a great number of goblins, and they were able to barricade him into a small cave. The goblin leader holds the key. On the other hand, there are other ways into the caves that I do believe those foul creatures know exist," Khusid says rapidly in a nasally, high-pittched tone. A blood-cruddling scream pierces the two men's eardrums. The woman has now collapsed to the floor and yells at the two monks, "How!?! How did they make my love into THAT creature." Dmitriy glances over to the parchment that he was writing on when they entered. The long nosed monk sits calmly on the floor next to the tortured woman. "I will tell you all what I know for sure.

It is the work of the Shadow. He was not the first, there is another like him. They call the creature Bazarat. He was an old experient of Sauron, who thought he could make werewolves like Melkor did. Sauron was mistaken because he could not control the beast. Bazarat soon escaped on the back of another creature, the fell beast. They both now roam the lands of our people freely. Someone decided to try this sick experiment once again however, this time they tried to use a human source. Someone from the Shadow found your dear husband near death in Bazarat's lair. They took him to Dol Guldur, there they did things none of us wish to utter." At the thought, Dmitriy's face turned into a grimace and he let out a shudder before continuing. "We know that he still holds on to a small amount of control of his once brillant mind. On the other hand, we do know why he wishes to return to Dol Guldur. Does he wish to take his revenge on whomever made him into that thing, or is he answering some call? Either way, dear sister, we will find him. We will help him. I promise you that you will have your husband back." With that Dmitriy gave a reassuring smile to his sister. She managed to return a faint smile back to him as she stared into his eyes. She knew deep inside that she would never again see her husband's beautiful face or have his strong hands hold hers in his. She knew that her husband was forever gone, and what remained in his place was a beast called Lunaron.