News 1458 – (The Bandits of Anduin's Vale)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Ulwe

The Sun dipped low in the west, setting behind the mountains. Along a dusty road in the Anduin Vale, all was quiet. The lookout kept his lonely watch upon the old path, knowing it was all in vain. No-one traveled these areas any longer, save for the occasional woodsman with nothing worth stealing. And yet there it was, a faint clatter of hooves growing clearer by the second, heading his way. He let out a long, low whistle, and within seconds, his mates were at his side, peering out over the rocks. "Well I'll be! Looks like we just might get our payday here after all, my lads!", the leader whispered excitedly to his men. Quickly, the band of ruffians took their places, lying in wait in the long grass alongside the road. The sound of footfalls was getting louder now, as every man gripped his weapon and held his breath until the signal was given. Around the bend they rode, a small caravan, perhaps equal in number to the outlaws that lay in wait, but not more. For a second, the leader questioned the wisdom of an attack, but quickly brushed it off. After all, how many chances at this could they expect out here? And they did still have surprise on their side. They would frighten these travelers enough with their mere appearance, the rest would be simple.

Springing from behind the rocks, he held his dented blade high and yelled 'Thats far enough, my friends! Lets keep all this civil and we won't have no problems...Isn't that right boys?!?! Sure enough, the riders checked their horses as the band of two dozen leapt from their cover, shouting at the top of their lungs. 'Now then, kind people! If you will all be so good as to hand over your valuables to my little crew here, we can keep the bloodshed to a minimum!', he crooned with a devilish grin. Silence. Not a soul in the train of riders so much as flinched at the vagabonds that surrounded them. 'Perhaps you dont speak the Common Tongue very well?', cried the leader as he approached the head rider. Looking up in the twilight at the massive man atop the lead horse, the threat died on his lips as he met the piercing gaze of his eyes. A single command suddenly rolled off the tongue of the great rider, and twenty swords were drawn in unison. Before the suddenly speechless ruffian could so much as blink, a great stone hammer came from seemingly nowhere, crushing his skull with one great stroke, as twelve of his men were cut down at that same instant. Turning to face the now silent band of outlaws that stood horrified along the road, the mighty rider spoke in a loud, yet strangely accented voice: 'Listen well, little men. I give you but two choices. Join my company, and learn what it is like to live as a

true bandit - or die here and now.' None were so foolish as to defy him, and soon the caravan was on its way once more, its numbers swollen with the fresh recruits, heading south. Along the moonlit horizon there could be espied a broken stone wall, and the Master of the bandits, weary of life in tents, had found a new home for his men. For this was a land of many opportunities, for those willing and able to take them without remorse.

OOC: A new area is now open, with several things to do/see/kill/be killed by. :)

Credits: Original design/descriptions - Valesse Design/descriptions/mobs/scripts - Ulwe