News 1460 – (Mobiles)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Khronos

As of the next reboot you can expect to see a few changes to mobiles. This are the first step in a series of changes i plan on making to our mobiles here, in an effort to heighten the challenge and fun in killing them. First off, Warrior Mobs

  • Will now kick and swing along with bash. Mystic Mobs
  • Will as before cast from a range of mystic spells, the frequency of their cast rate will have increased. Don't be suprised that when hurt, a mystic mobile casts remove poison or regeneration when wounded. Mage Mobs
  • Will as before cast spells. However the type of spell cast is based now on the mobiles race. I.e an Uruk-Lhuth mobile shall cast from the Uruk-Lhuth spell base, etc. Mages will no longer stand idly by at bloodied waiting to die. They have a nice cure self spell that they can use. Also the frequencey of most mage mobiles spell casting will have increased.

The changes to Mage and Mystic mobiles are just the start of a piece of work i have undertaken. The final goal is to give all mobs who cast a list of spells that it alone can cast from, giving us all around more versatility when building casting mobs.

You can expect more changes and new features in the near future.