News 1472 – (Additional Changes)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Ulwe

Message 1472 : Sun May 7 (Ulwe) :: Additional Changes

Some other recent changes:

The Kraken quest has been fixed. No longer will you be able to duplicate the rewards (and simultaneously ruin the quest for the rest of the day) without killing the Kraken properly. Feel free to idle in the chest room as long as you please, but you will not be rewarded without killing the Kraken. :)

The Angmacar/Gulduin quest has been altered slightly, particularly the portion involving the Summoner. Enjoy.

Ferocious wargs no longer give ridiculous xp. They still give rather nice xp, just not the previous insane amount. My apologies to all of you who like to spam level on them. :P

The Noldorin weapons have seen a slight depowering, but are once again obtainable. It is rumored that there may be a way for the forces of the Shadow to obtain weapons of similar power, albiet in a completely different manner.

The dragon-toothed whip and quicksilver rapier have been altered. You will

need to trade in any current items if you wish to gain the benefits of the update. Since they proved themselves so adept at handling the crescent axe changes, I have assigned Karugh and Thrain to deal with the exchange process.

The old green cloak has also been improved slightly. This is not a retro- active change, and will apply only to new cloaks obtained.

Items butchered from the corpses of fell beasts are now a little less painful to use.

The Uruk Assassin, lured by the generous purse of the Emmisary of Dol Guldur, has abandoned Ungorod for the fortress captained by Karugh. The Uruk Chieftan, furious at yet another desertion, has ordered his few remaining forces to do a better job of patroling vital areas.

The plants of Arda that possess healing capabilities will now be slightly more effective. The elvish rangers currently studying the strange tubor have procured mounts to keep at the ready in the nearby stables.

Jaiden has not been seen in some time. It is not known whether his fate has

finally caught up with him, or if he has simply found a very good hiding place. Either way, do not expect to encounter him for the time being.