News 1482 – (Southern Anduin Crossing)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Ingolemo

Due to the extensive trade that Vinyanost does with Maethelburg and Esgaroth, Gondor has helped finance the upgrading of a path heading south of Vinyanost. This path has now turned into a road suitable for trade and is assisting in getting goods to and from quicker. In return for assistance from hobbits in the area who helped in the construction, Gondor has provided a great service to them. A great bridge has been built spanning the Anduin River so that the hobbits can easily cross the great river to get to the rich fields on the east side. They farm those as best they can. Since the threat from strange creatures has been so high in recent times, the hobbits have also taken to guarding the bridge for their own kind. They also are quite favorable to those on the trade route, since it gained them their bridge.

Many thanks are due to the immortals who worked hard on this including Azriya, Ulwe, Kandi, Adunakhor, Maga, Vaitya, and many others who I have probably forgotten.


  1. This is effective next reboot (morning of October 18th, 2006).
  2. The map code for the Anduin will be updated shortly, so even if the map does not show it, there is a crossing.
  3. This is the first of a series of changes that will be occurring. I am most certain that there will be critiques in all respects. Please voice them in the appropriate thread in rotsmud or mudmail Ingolemo.