News 1492 – (The Mountains Tremble)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Azriya

The ranger lay silent, hidden behind the bushes. There was no activity at the watering hole a few yards distant, but patience was one of this hunter's virtues. As he eyed the surroundings, a large elk entered the clearing around the water, sniffing the air intently. After a few minutes of nosing the air and peering about, the elk seemed content he was alone, and headed in for a drink. The ranger drew his bow, taking aim just behind the shoulder blade. Just as he was about to fire, the very ground below his feet shook and threw him to his side. The elk immediately raised his head from the water and crashed off through the forest at high speed. The ranger wondered what ancient force beneath the earth had ruined his hunt. As he trekked back to the outpost to confer with this peers about this event, he noticed a large sheer scarp, at least 5 yards high, directly north of the camp. The lush hills were now even further separated from the great Misty Mountains.

OOC: More changes in the west. Credit to Kandi for descriptions. Questions or comments, mudmail me.

Azriya the Cleansing Wind