News 1528 – (Vinyanost Construction Completed)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Blent

News has begun to filter through the lands that the great city of Vinyanost has been completely rebuilt after the fire that razed it to the ground. Teams of Gondorian stonewrights spent nearly a year clearing the rubble and frames of buildings to establish solid foundations for most of the buildings in the city, the most notable of which is a great fortress that houses the city government and serves as the sole access point to the Northern Road. Help has come from all over the lands to finish the great effort, most notably including the gift of magical street-lamps all the way from Thranduil in his Elvish halls in the East.

Streams of displaced citizens have returned to the city, crowding the streets and instantly turning Vinyanost once more into a bustling crossroads. New shop-keepers have set up business, and many old ones have returned to once more contribute to the city's economy.

(OOC: Vinyanost has been rebuilt. The city is now geared heavily towards new players, with quests, signs, and information to help them on their way. More of these will be forthcoming. The lands immediately around Vinyanost have also changed slightly; most notably, it is no longer possible to travel north of the city without going through a heavily-fortified area within the city itself. Correspondingly, the Dark Ranger that used to lurk near Maethelburg has crossed the Anduin and remains accessible to all. Please report any oddities.)


Building: Azriya, Elagor, Blent, Adunakhor, Turamarth, Zeb, Rathmanken, Kale, Hrivion, Majere, Horace Proofing: Elagor, Blent, Valesse Scripts: Azriya, Ingolemo, Elagor, Blent

Message 1530 : Wed Jul 18 (Blent) :: Miscellaneous Changes

  • Forest trolls now have slightly nicer descriptions.

  • Forest trolls have had their money load reduced.

  • Skinner the half-orc Furrier works slightly differently. Consider this a taste of a major update lurking in the shadows.

  • Campfires will now load lit.

  • No more trees should loot corpses. Please report any other mobs that need to be similarly changed.

  • The dark runed visor has had one of its keywords changed to bring it into line with the other dark runed pieces.

  • Various mobs have had their names un-capitalized, where appropriate.

  • Arwen will no longer make one of her exchanges. Expect to see this return in a slightly different form, in another place, in the near future.

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