News 1541 – (Miscellaneous Changes)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Blent

  • Disturbed by the recent earthquake, the black huorn has become less tree- like and more active.

  • The dwarven armorer in Erebor has had two notable events in his life recently, one more serious than the other. As a result, his focus may have changed slightly. Talk to him for details.

  • The etched leather girdle has changed. No trade-ins will be necessary. The old form of this item has been slightly tweaked, renamed and re-introduced into the game in another location.

  • The noble elf prisoner in Dol-Guldur has changed slightly.

  • Skinner the half-orc furrier has become slightly less prone to violent outbursts towards the forces of the Shadow, due to his increased dealings with these races.

  • Arwen has changed. She will still accept some evil items, but the rewards will be different. Look to trade in other evil items elsewhere, usually at mobs that would be a logical choice, in some cases in the same place(s) that previously accepted them. The rewards here will be different, too. Some

have vastly improved, others may not have.

  • Conrad the merchant has finished setting up shop north of rebuilt Vinyanost. He is known to be particularly interested in the trading of magical items, and has quite a stock of his own to be used for this purpose; however, he will trade in money instead of items from time to time, depending on his current stock and what he is offered.

  • The werewolf Bazarat has grown more confident in his possession of the ravaged town where he has settled. As a result, those pestering him may find him more eager than before to leave his lair.

  • The huorns in southeastern Mirkwood will now come to the aid of their fellow trees, as was originally intended.

  • The red silk cloak has changed slightly, for the better. Trade any old versions of this item in at the mob where the item is obtained.

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