News 1545 – (War in the East)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Azriya

All was quiet in Vinyanost that day. A sudden series of knocks came at the heavy gate of the fortress. The gatekeeper saw a tall grey haired man, clothed in green, and recognized him as a ranger from Mirkwood. When Vincent entered the fortress, he asked to be taken directly to Logan. Upon meeting with the captain, he related a tale of violence and magic. "The evil races of Mirkwood are warring again. I was out hunting deer near my tent when I heard a large party approaching on the road. I hid in the undergrowth and was very surprised to see a war party of dreaded Uruk-Lhuth thunder past me on the Old Forest Road. Magus himself was in the lead, followed by no less than 50 of those evil magic orcs. After they passed, I tracked them a ways, seeing the tracks turn north, into the mountains. Silently I followed the tracks to Ungorod! From a hidden peak I watched a mighty battle ensue, as the old enemies Magus and the Chieftain led their forces against each other. Many of the Uruk-Hai fled like cowards, running south into the forest while Magus was busy relishing his victory. The mountain fortress of Ungorod now is held by the Lhuth." Logan frowned, and replied "That may well be to our advantage. Mayhap the road is safer with those foul Lhuth further from it. Only time will tell."

OOC: Many changes have been made in the east. There are new quests for the all races. Please report anything strange to immortals. If none are online please mudmail me.

Also, flails have undergone some tweaks. No tradeins should be needed.

In addition, there is a new smob in the south of Mirkwood.


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