News 1547 – (The Crest of the Dead Moon)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Azriya

It had been several weeks since the scouts' reports, and now a series of great tremors had shook the town from the south. The Chieftain was worried, as whatever this man was doing would undoubtedly affect Tarawost. The man, mentioned in the reports must have done something ... something terrible. Yet, it was not unexpected, as the reports told of a crest of the moon, blended with the face of the skull, and also undead abominations. A woodsman now entered the room. "Sir," he said, "a man bearing the crest of Gondor has answered your summons." know what to do, hopefully. "Bring him in, quickly!" The man entered, a broad man, with long black hair. He presented himself with an air of experience. "Thank you for coming, I have a pressing matter, and it may be of great importance for Gondor's battles with the Shadow." The Gondorian nodded and said, "Explain." Well, A man was seen, bearing a crest of a moon combined with the face of a skull, and ... "I have heard enough," the Gondorian said, seeming confused now. "I can't be sure, but this man and those with him must have escaped at the end of the Third Age. I do not have the manpower to deal with this now, but I will give a notice to alert Heroes of the need ... perhaps some will come ... " Confused, the Chieftain quickly asked "from whence do they come?" As the ranger left, he softly spoke one word, "Morgul."

OOC: A nwe area has been opened, with a variety of new things to kill and items to obtain. Be cautious, heroes of Arda.