News 1552 – (Lunaron and Bazarat)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Blent

Long had Lunaron remained in his prison, blockaded in by the weak goblin tribe that was unfortunate enough to play host. Long had he sought for escape, throwing himself against the barricade, the walls, and the ground until his bones cracked and his head rang. This evening, however, was different.

The goblin leader was used to hearing the growls, crashing sounds, and howling coming from behind the barricade. He was used to the periods of quiet when the great beast wore itself out and collapsed unconscious for long periods of time. What he wasn't used to was the piercing, drawn-out scream that echoed through his caves, waking his tribe and sending fear through his ranks.

His menial servant dead, throat ripped out, Lunaron started throwing himself against the rock slab covering the ground in his prison, unceasing in his rage. Suddenly it gave way, and Lunaron found himself thrown down into a small tunnel beneath the caves of the goblin tribe. Thoughts of freedom suddenly wiped all thoughts of revenge against his now-former host out of his mind, and Lunaron bounded through the tunnel, seeking an exit.

Bazarat lay curled in his room in the tower, out of his mind as the lycanthropy ravaged his once-human body. Faint screams and cries for mercy rung endlessly in his ears, perhaps nothing more than the echoes from the carnage he wrought on the poor villagers. Suddenly, a louder, deeper scream echoed through the room, followed by a terrific crashing sound. Bazarat sprung to his feet, looking wildly about.

The gatekeeper dead, Lunaron threw his bulk against the gate until it collapsed inwards. He made his way directly towards the tower in the southeastern corner of the village, drawn by something meaningful yet inexplicable.

As Bazarat stood looking around his small chamber, the trapdoor in the floor suddenly burst open and a mass of fur, claws, and unyielding muscle sprang through. Before he could react, he was fighting for his life against a beast just like himself, yet far larger.

The fell beast lay sleeping in its prison, used to long periods of inactivity and quiet between feedings. It was a rude, yet not entirely unwelcome awakening, then, when the boulder was suddenly thrown aside and his master crashed into the room, bleeding heavily.

Faced now with a fell beast in addition to the other werewolf, Lunaron found himself on the losing end of the battle. He began to retreat towards the gate leading out of the village, and it was here that he took the worst beating, barely managing to flee into the surrounding forest, bleeding heavily.

The intruder gone from his village, his pet back in its chamber, Bazarat began to prowl the streets, weakened yet victorious.

Finding an opening at the bottom of the sinkhole, Lunaron dragged himself through, and continued only a short way before falling down a shaft, where he lay unconscious for quite some time.

(OOC: Bazarat has changed slightly, and has slightly weakened. Lunaron has weakened significantly, and moved. To maintain balance, Lunaron (and Bazarat) have gained an interesting new ability that may make them hard to solo. Moreover, certain features in Lunaron's new area may make it dangerous for a super mob group should a PK group find them.

Bazarat and his pet the fell beast will interact slightly differently now.

Bazarat's werewolf fur has improved very subtly. No trade-ins will be necessary.

A few rooms in the underground cave system near the new Uruk mage tower have changed. You have been warned.

A few shop inventories, for both sides of the war, have changed slightly; this is related to Lunaron's move.