News 1554 – (A Terrifying Discovery)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Azriya

The rangers in the tower were going over the mail of the day, sorting out what requirements they needed to fulfill that day. As the leader lifted his head to confer with his associates, one of their scouts burst into the room, panting and looking quite the worse for wear. "Sir, I have bad news!" he said. The leader responded "Quickly son, spill it." "I've made a discovery ... as I was exploring the mountains, up near the cave that abomination Gorgurakh occupies, a boulder fell from above, opening a new passage west. I scouted the area, and I found several packs of huge wargs!" The leader furrowed his brow, and spoke "We must spend more time in this area, and see if the wargs are allied with any of the orcish scum in these mountains. Take some rest, then lead a party back to explore."

As of reboot January 29, 2008, new area in the Misties.


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