News 1555 – (Trap and ambush changes)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Vakaur

  • Trap is now operational. You should no longer get the dreaded 'You can not do it this way' message when trying to lay a trap.
  • Trap applies a bash affection when it lands.
  • Traps will no longer be instantly disarmed if a player sees the person laying the trap. The trap will just be less likely to succeed.
  • Trap damage is now based 100% on ambush damage.
  • Ambush damage is now affected by weapon damage. A harder hitting, heavier weapon will do more damage. Keep in mind, however, that high bulk still reduces the damage done by ambush (and hence by trap). The advantages of harder hitting weapons are more apparent as the amount of hp of the victim goes down.
  • Ambush and trap are less likely to succeed when the ambusher/trapper has a high amount of skill encumbrance.

Aesthetic changes:

  • The 'time' command now shows the year and the age.
  • Months from the calendar of the Steward's Reckoning will now be displayed with the full accents from Tolkien's work, if you have the latin1 setting enabled.

Miscellaneous changes:

  • Some big changes to scripts (which were slated to go in previously, but mysteriously did not make it) have gone in. Be on the lookout for scripts that may be malfunctioning, and notify an immortal if you happen to find any such scripts.

Enjoy, vakaur