News 1572 – ( Forum Accounts)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Vakaur

Message 1572 : Wed Oct 22 (Vakaur) :: Forum Accounts

As many of you probably noticed, account approval has been lacking in the past few months. The main problem is that our phpBB format attracts a massive number of spammers (around 50 per day), and the very bad phpBB deletion system requires alot of work to delete each of these users.

The overall effect is that the few players who wanted to get approved got absolutely drowned in the sea of spammers, and we never got around to approving your account (because we couldn't find it). However, we've now figured out how to delete spammers en-masse, so we can keep the database clean enough to service our real players.

All players who already had accounts will still have them, but if you were waiting on an account, it has been deleted. Please submit another request for an account in the usual way, at

and mudmail me (Vakaur) in-game with your account name. When I get your mail, we'll get you set up to post on the forums.