News 1615 – (Changes: Toboldo, Jaiden, Grub)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Blent

Message 1615 : Mon Sep 5 (Blent) :: Changes: Toboldo, Jaiden, Grub

Some minor changes will be in effect as of next reboot:

Toboldo will no longer give his quest to evil races.

Jaiden will now re-follow if you happen to lose him while leading him to his destination.

The grub-like creature in the underground streambed zone has changed. It no longer has to be triggered to load (frankly, the trigger made no sense anyway)... which means that this mob is now a permanent resident of its little part of the cave system. Travelers be warned!

In addition, the butcher for the grub-like creature has been made slightly easier.

Any problems, questions, or concerns, send me a game mail. Blent