News 1616 – (Mob Revamp: Enormous, Bristly Spider)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Blent

As a project to re-acquaint myself with the scripting and building systems after an extended period of absence, I rewrote almost everything concerned with the enormous, bristly spider.


He's less threatening before he retreats into his web. His web is hard to move around in now. Getting cocooned is a bit more, uh, scary. And disrupting to the fight.

And you get in return:

New items! Three, to be exact (the butcher remains unchanged); things for several different classes (and one item exclusively for dark-side characters).

Also, I fixed a known bug with the spider: previously, when he retreated up into his web, you had to be quick to hit him, or else he would disappear (instead of going back down to wait underneath the web).

Now, he correctly returns to the area beneath his web if he has not beendamaged.

And, some other changes in the underground streambed:

The load rate for both this spider and the serpent have been increased. The dodge bonus on the black-scaled shield has been increased.

I think that's about it. Feedback is welcome regarding the new version of the enormous, bristly spider, especially concerning difficulty, reward rates, and problems/bugs. Send me a game mail.