News 1617 – (The Werewolf and The Vampire)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Azriya

Sending her thoughts across her time-forgotten domain, the lady searched for her pet's presence. Once she located him, she felt great pain coming from him. he was always full of pain, but today felt different, somehow. Leaving her tower, she flew to his side where she found him lying, panting. Stroking his fur, she knelt and held his head in her hands. Feeling the burn of the accursed jewel raging inside him, she used her ancient power to twist the jewel's energy into a form of healing his undead body could use. Strengthened and rejuvenated, the mighty werewolf gave her an evil grin an resumed his perpetual guarding of their domain.

OOC: The werewolf of Dark Lake has learned new tricks. Beware.

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