News 1649 – (Gundabad)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Lowtaxx

In the black of night, a cold wind brings grim whispers from the northern Misty Mountains. Far to the north a darkness is spreading from the depths of the mountain fortress of Gundabad. A terrible entity has begun to exert its will on the surrounding area. After the Dark Lord was destroyed it was terribly wounded, a tattered spirit held together only with hate. It found refuge in cold blackness of Gundabad. After decades, it has regained a fraction of its' former power and its shadowy tendrils have begun to spread throughout Gundabad, animating former guardians long forgotten.

OOC: Gundabad is live! Credit goes to: Azriya for the idea, map, and descriptions. Azriya and Faewen for designing the items. Extra thanks in general to Faewen for item balancing in general, because I'm terrible at it. I guess myself for the mobs, scripting, and some descriptions.

Lastly, the players for testing it out during the contest, Lego specifically for leading several groups and helping me find bugs.