News 1658 – (2017 World Changes)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Lowtheim

Read Glenns Facebook posts for the awesome story until I have time to get it consolidated in a news post. Phase III and Phase IV are still to come.

Phase I

  • Traps remove from old lhuth caves
  • New mob in Luurmag
  • Luurmag area changed
  • Magus has more bodyguards
  • Beast and boulder back at lazies
  • Uruks reclaim old mage tower
  • Baranor and followers strengthened

Phase II

  • Lhuths back in their old caves
  • Karvok forced back to old caves also
  • Vidoq takes over Radbugs old outpost
  • Old fell an outpost for the Free people
  • Vincent back in tent
  • Hillmen stronger
  • Troy stronger
  • Can rent at Troy Volraths
  • Can spawn at Troy Volraths