News 1661 – (v1.0.3 Patch Notes)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Drelidan

General Context:

This is a bugfix and first-pass specialization patch. The specializations that have been added/adjusted have not had their power budgets adjusted too much, so everything should remain more-or-less where it is power wise. This means that most of the warrior specs are a bit light in what they do (since most warrior power is passive), and the mage and mystic specs are a little bit homogenous.

Bug fixes/balance tweaks:

  • Fixed an issue with Big Brother protection and mentaling.
  • Fixed curse-flee-die bug, so killer will now get credit.
  • Orcs get a notification when followers can't wield something.
  • Lowbie bonus health and mana regen has been reduced.
  • Health is now set to 1/4 HP from 1 HP on player death.
  • Some orc follower/following fixes.
  • Orc recruits no longer lose moves when they are lost.
  • Big Brother's lowbie protection has been reduced
  • Level 10 is the maximum safe level now.


  • Reworked how the spell save system works. This should lead to smobs saving less frequently against spells, and players saving slightly more frequently.
  • Specializations now add an effective 6 flat mage levels instead of offering less power the higher level mage the character was.
  • Nerfed chill ray/shout of pain's lock-out. (Can no longer reduce the victim's energy below 0.)
  • Elemental specializations now enhance different spells in different ways. They no longer grant resistance or vulnerability, but instead make it easier/harder to save against spells of the same/opposing element.
  • Added lightning and darkness specializations.
  • Protection spec applies to "shield" spell, and regen spec applies to "cure self" and "vitalize self".


  • Specializations now add an effective 6 flat mystic levels instead of offering less power the higher level mystic the character was.
  • Changed how "Resist Magic" works to fit into the new spell save system.
  • Protection spec now enhances "Resist Magic" and "Evasion".
  • Spirits now grant 3x the spirit.


  • Ambush damage has been nerfed for non-stealth rangers.
  • Tames for animal spec rangers get bonus damage.
  • Added Archery Specialization - allows different casting speeds, allowing to focus either on quick shots or conserving ammunition.


  • Added "Heavy Fighting", "Light Fighting", and "Defender" specializations.
  • Heavy Fighting warriors excel at fighting in heavy armor and using big, bulky weapons. When wearing heavy armor, they suffer less encumbrance than other characters. When using heavy weapons, they swing faster or harder.
  • Light Fighting warriors excel at quick strikes. They can occasionally double-strike.
  • Defender warriors excel at protecting themselves. They are more durable, and can block attacks.


  • Orc mage followers now know all spells that they can cast to 100% knowledge (this should reduce cast failures).

Things to watch for/impressions:

  • I am unsure if the chill ray nerf will end up being too steep. If it looks that way, we can tone it down a bit. I expect that with smobs having a harder time saving against spells, it should be in an alright spot.
  • Archery and stealth specs may be a little bit undertuned.
  • Mystic specs that aren't illusion or guardian are still probably a bit undertuned.
  • All warrior specs need work in order to better emphasize the strength of the spec. This is going to require some balance work elsewhere though.