News 1662 – (World Patch Notes)

October 10, 2017
Posted By: Lowtheim

The guards at the Fiddlers' Inn looked at each other uncomfortably as they heard a noise outside the door. As they cautiously opened the door they gasped at the shirtless body laying in on the gravel road. The corpse of a young man had been carefully placed on the ground, the word 'REPENT' carved into his chest. In the dusk, they could just barely see the form of a red robed man fading into the dusk, heading south.

New zone intended for 3-5 legends and will require some effort/luck to get in.
Thanks to Neil for original concept, build, mob and quest design.
Thanks to Pat for updated concept, build, quest design, and wonderful descriptions.
This project originally started 7 years ago, and I'm glad it's in.

Other stuff:

  • 'Mail' alias added to more armor
  • Dark black shield key fixed
  • Vinny tombs keys fixed
  • High level tames tweaked slightly (bears more hits/cats faster/etc)
  • Arrow slightly adjusted
  • Misc minor fixes