News 1669 – (4-10-2018 World Update)

April 10, 2018
Posted By: Lowtheim

Magus- After years of digging the fungal abomination has finally made headway. Progress would have been quicker, but the wretched sun lovers and filthy uruk-hai couldnt seem to stop throwing themselves at us in an attempt to steal the abominations flail. So, it is upon a heap of crushed and broken bodies that we found what we were looking for. Your research into the old texts was correct. There was once a tall tower that was built upon a site of dark power. The hobbits that lived there were slowly corrupted until they barely remembered their true selves. The dark power ate away at them, little by little, such that they didnt even notice the change happening within them. Over time, the tower sank deeper and deeper into the ground until it finally fell. We ventured into the fallen tower and captured a hobbit, or naerling as it called itself. I cant be sure if the treasure youre seeking is within, but there is definitely treasure to be found.


OOC: Design and original build by Wart/Traw. Huge thanks to Pat and Neil for lots of extra work that went into the zone.