News 1415 – (Changes)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Vakaur

The creation system has received quite a face lift:

  • Certain annoying prompts that required fully typed "yes" or "no" answers have been changed to use the usual abbreviation system.
  • Many steps in the creation process have had their text re- vamped to be more helpful (especially to new players). The 'help ' entries have received rewritings; the 'help race' Colour has also received some attention:
  • There is now a default colour set, which may be enabled during character creation or via the 'colour default' command. The 'help colour' entry has received an update.
  • A new colour field "enemy" has been enabled, following a lengthy cleanup of the colour code. The color field will cause all players on the opposing sides of the race war to appear in the specified colour. If you manage to find any places where a player's real name is leaked instead of his "starred" race type, please let us know ASAP.
  • RotS now supports "high" ANSI colours. You can enable any of these colours using the "bright" keyword in addition to the colour you wish to make bright. For example, new valid
colours include: "bright white", "bright red", etc.  See the
colour manual file for more detail.

Newbie kits are now available:

  • Newbie kits are now available--once per death--in the safe room where your race is reborn after death. Note that the contents of a newbie kit depend on: the receiver's level, race and class. Signs have been erected in these places detailing the use of the newbie kit system. Currently, newbie kits are only available to whities. This will be changed as soon as possible.