News 1523 – (Equipment Stealing)

October 09, 2017
Posted By: Azriya

Since it has been unclear in the past, I will attempt to clarify what it means to steal equipment. Stealing equipment is illegal and will be punished. Equipment stealing from a mob is when player A kills a mob with some equipment and player B takes it without player A's permission. Equipment stealing from a player is more complex. When a whitey dies to a darkie (or mob in PK), the darkie has the option of taking all or none of the equipment. If the darkie leaves a corpse full of equipment, whiteys are not welcome to take it without the dead whitey's consent. On the dark side it works the same way. If a darkie dies to a whitey, the whitey can leave the equipment or not. Other darkies may not take the equipment without the dead darkie's permission.

Convoluted, I know. Questions, mudmail me.